🌼Price Sheet 2022 and Agreements🌼

Baby Bun Bouquet$10.00
Top Bun Bouquet$20.00
Ribbon Tie (replaces standard twine tie, a color that complements the bouquet)$2.00
Vase (glass cannot be recycled, replaces recyclable food jar)$3.00 – $5.00
Hand-stamped Card (Thank You, Happy Birthday, Get Well, and/or your message) $5.00
Delivery (maximum 30 miles total distance; someone must be onsite to receive flowers)$6.00
• Bouquet
• Posey
• Boutonniere
• Corsage
We will discuss your date, ideas, and needs and agree upon something that fits your budget.

Current payment methods accepted are cash and check. Payment must be provided no later than day of delivery unless previously arranged and agreed upon.

Please note, there are a few small risks when ordering local flowers:

  • Colors and types of flowers cannot be guaranteed (best effort will be made to fulfill special requests)
  • Weather can quickly impact what is available for your order (we all hope for no hail, 100mph winds, swarms of hungry locusts!)
  • Minor insect damage is possible (and that’s not some folks’ concept of “beautiful” but it shows how real the flowers are)