All. The. Things. (not!)

The 2021 growing season is here! And YOU can create ecology.


You might know someone who is really, really into gardening. Maybe that someone is you. Or maybe you have heard or read about all the maintenance tasks to have a really beautiful garden-yard-landscape. 

Watering. Weeding. Monitoring for diseases. Watching for signs of plant nutritional deficiency. Watering again. Removing and/or impeding pests. Weeding again. Mulching. Staking. Pruning. More weeding. Plus composting. Watering. Turning. Adding. Fluffing. Top-dressing. And have a rain barrel. Or two. And then hopefully, lots of harvesting of fruits and flowers. 

That looks like a lot. It is. But don’t tune out, don’t run away! Because I’d like to answer some questions about creating ecology

Do I have to do all the things?

No, you do not. 

I don’t even know what some of those things mean. Can I create ecology if I don’t have a green thumb?

Yes, you can.

Can I create ecology if I have just a pot or two?

For sure. 

What if it’s just an ugly plastic container?

Totally fine. 

I am tired.

That is not a question, but I understand. Taking care of one more thing at the beginning or end of a long day can seem impossible. If you can fill a cup of water and pour it into a pot outside, we can start there, I promise. 

Do you do all. the. things. each day?

No. Not everyday. I do most of those things once in a while. I do at least one of the things each day, and most often, that is watering. I do try to monitor for insect pests every single day during my daily walk around FUF. And some days? I am tired, too, and I do less than I “should” do. 

You’re sure I can do this? I can create ecology?

I’m positive. 

How do I start?

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