Just One Thing.

Firstly, I am glad you are here. You’re curious. You care. Something brought you to this page. 

I’ve been saying that YOU can create ecology. The concept: bring about relationships between organisms and their environment by course of action or behavior. Specifically, we will be talking about human action/your behavior.

The first thing to do is just one thing. 

Be in your place for 15 minutes. Your outside place – front yard, back deck, patio, stoop, balcony. You can stand if that’s the only option, but ideally, you will sit or crouch, getting yourself closer to the ground and making your body smaller and less imposing. Sitting on a chair or a rock or on steps is just fine. Get comfortable. You are going to be here for fifteen minutes…

…and you cannot have a screen in your face, making noise or vibrating. If your phone is with you, it is quiet. This place is not the phone’s place. 

The environment is not some far away place. It is around you, with you, of you. 

Be quiet and observe. What do you see growing? Maybe you do not know the exact name of it, and that’s ok. Trees. Grass. Flowers. Weeds. Is this spot in shade or sun? Does wind move the tops of what is growing there? When you inhale slowly, is there scent? Good smell or bad smell? Is anything buzzing? Chirping? Alarming? Cooing?

Now, look for a non-plant that is moving. It could be an insect. A spider. A bird. A slug. Any animal. If you cannot see an animal without moving yourself, go ahead and do so, slowly and quietly. Watch this creature. What is it moving toward? Moving from? Is it moving fast or slow? 

Your place? Is this being’s place. It is part of an ecology that already exists, both you and it within. 

Part of creating ecology is recognizing the relationships – green things, animals, sun, wind – that surround us every day. When 15 minutes of observation have passed, I welcome you to take a photo of this place and/or write a comment about what you observed, especially if you saw something you had not noticed before. 

That’s it. Just one thing today. 


  1. Today, I found a vine from last summer somehow returning this spring! And so I’m encouraging it as well as some transplanted sweet potato vines grown from a potato that was in my bin. I’m hoping for a nice viney habitat around my back porch.

    I also put a rock in my bird bath and lo and behold, a mourning dove showed up for the first time! Next step – rig up something to drip water into the bath.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

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