Amazing Week Starts Now!

Happy Solstice!

A bright yellow and golden dandelion blossom looks like a sun with multiple layers of petal rays.

Though it rained most of our first day of Summer, we celebrate the longest day of the year with a sunny dandelion face. Look at all those golden rays!

It’s Pollinator Week!

Logo for Pollinator Week 2021. A hummingbird nectars from red columbine flowers.
Logo used with permission from Pollinator Partnerships

Watch for posts this week about amazing species that deserve our respect and gratitude.

Inaugural Milk Bottle Monday Posts!

Milk Bottle Mondays will often be textless to begin your week with simple in-season beauty and inspiration. Featured species will be listed.

I geek-out on combining vegetables, herbs, and fruits with flowers in arrangements. Grapevines are a favorite with their two-sided deep green and almost-silver leaves, and tendrils that grab stems while working with them. The cluster of white roses comes from what was a very sad stem when we moved here. Poppy mallows are a native species that cottontails call most delicious snacks and humans call “wine cups.”

See you soon and keep growing!


  1. We picked a few flowers here and put them in a creamer. Lovely. I wish I knew how to upload a photo! 🙂

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