I’m in Love!


I am in love. Love! Smitten, in fact. 

Like falling for a romantic interest, I want to spend all my free time with this being to the point that I forget to eat and just endlessly gaze at them dreamily and happily sigh. 

Yes, I am talking about the yard and gardens this year. It’s like Disney-movie feeling. Not the bad stuff. None of the poison apples and definitely no dress with balloon sleeves. I mean the “walking through a painted palette of color with birds fluttering and bunnies hopping and isn’t Nature just so grand I could burst into song!” kind of Disney.

I want to tell you ALL about the dozens of bees on the balm this week, the great golden digger wasps excavating tunnels, the monarch eggs under milkweed leaves, the tomato vines nearing the top of the trellis (what I will do when they reach the beyond?! >gulp< ), the ecology of the grapevines this year. Ahhhh, sweet, sweet love!!!

Easily I could spend a blissful hour detailing it entirely. Alas, I know your time and attention are not infinite, and for this kind of twitterpated gushing you might prefer a Shakespearian sonnet. So, I shall edit my enthusiasm and share just the biggest bursts of color and a FUF update (fufdate? fupdate?) at the end. 

Fireworks and Flowers

As if the metaphor hasn’t been on my mind enough lately, today the universe put this in my inbox: Flowers of Fire: Illustrations from Japanese Fireworks Catalogues (ca. 1880s).

Images credit: The Public Domain Review

Fireworks are flowers; flowers are fireworks. Look at the pics and dare to disagree 🙂  

Jammy Sights and Jammy Eats

In the Red II post I shared that true red flowers were not my faves. Since then, Fire Pinks and Cardinal Flowers have both made a wildly successful case that I need them in my life forever… along with the fuschia, magenta, and purple jammy colored flowers that are my first loves. 

Cockscomb celosia? You have my heart, always.

And being deep into berry season now, my thoughts turn to actual jam [ -pause- let’s each take a moment to really think about how freakin’ yummy homemade jam is… mmmmm…] and yet, we just got a hand-me-down ice cream maker. So I made a BIG decision. I used 2 quarts of our freshly-picked black raspberries to make ice cream instead of jam. I do not regret it. That shade of luscious, violet-red-pink, the dark chocolate chunks, the absolute freshness! [again, -pause- ]

And, thank you to the universe (actually, my neighbor J), some homemade red raspberry jam arrived on our doorstep this week! Super dense and perfectly tart. To paraphrase a scene with Joey on Friends: Jam? Goooood. Ice cream? Goooood.   

The FUFpdate

The peas are done, I’m giving the garlic one more week, harvesting onions and chives as needed, awaiting cucumbers, and watching tomatoes and fruity-fruits (blackberries, grapes, chokeberries) ripen. The bees are plentiful and so, so busy. They buzz around the blossoms, I swoon about the Summer. 

Speaking of BeeZZZ

If you were bee-sized, where would you snooze?

As always, I hope to see you here again. Share beauty with a friend. And keep growing.

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