I’ve been releasing posts during typical daylight hours, but the bees recently gave me an idea. 

The past several evenings, they’ve been tucking into cosmos flowers and resting under grape leaves and mint leaves. A friend of a friend calls bumble bees “flying Teddy bears.” I find them absolutely adorable when the flying is done for the day and you can spot their butts sticking-out from a swirl of petals, or their entire bodies curled about a flower’s center. 

I watch them for a few moments as the sun goes down, enjoying the discoveries of who is snoozing where in the garden. I have not found a word for this activity – not even in Japanese, a language with so many wonderful concept-words – so I’m coining one here until someone tells me if such a term already exists: apisomnivigilism. (Ignoring that I have no idea if when bees rest it is scientifically “sleep” but at least the stems are all Latin-derived and it’s a word that is fun to say and impress your friends with if it’s a hobby you take-up. As for me, I’m ready to get a PhD in it.)

A plastic colander is half-filled with small to medium red ripe tomatoes and a few yellow golden small tomatoes

Any gardener will tell you: August is BUSY. There is still the watering and weeding and pest/problem mitigation the entire season occupies us with, and then we add on top of it the harvesting. Cut flowers, berries, tomatoes and vine vegetables are all ready to be consumed and also share their seeds with us to bring them into 2022. It can feel like every day is a spin between outside collection, inside prep; outside picking, inside rinsing and drying and seed-saving and roasting. And of course, eating. And it’s the BEST. (A new recipe is coming soon!)

When August sunsets pour their unique golden light over the gardens at dusk, there is Zen. The bees find their nighttime retreats, the crickets chirp in harmony, the plants’ transpiration seems a contented sigh. The gardener takes pause.

Good night, bees. Good night, flowers. Good night, you.  


  1. This is so very beautiful, thank you for noticing. And for taking the time to share.
    My heart is full of gladness.

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