Milk Bottle Monday

“Pyoop” ‘n’ “Poop”

Horizontal midline left: Eastern Black Swallowtail chrysalis (caterpillar had just pupated); Vertical midline upper: Tiger Swallowtail 2nd instar. Leaves: tart cherry and chokecherry.

The next post this week will highlight some really cool fliers. Come back to check it out! [Scientific note on today’s post: Both swallowtail cat’s have been in one pupation tent. Cherry leaves are a food source for Tiger Swallowtails; the Eastern Black had been feasting on Queen Anne’s Lace. When it was time for the EB to pupate, it wandered… and wandered… (typical) and settled on one of the Tiger’s stems. I have since moved the pupating EB to a safe zone in the tent. You’ll see a pic soon of the Tiger approaching its final instar before pupation. Doesn’t look poopy anymore! ;)]


  1. Wow, Amy, so great you know so much and share it with us. I am excited to see the flyers.

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