Dear Fall, You’re Gorgeous

These little bloomers are a lovely surprise to see peeking through the leaves and fescue

I almost didn’t write this post. “Don’t have the time,” I was thinking. Then I stopped myself from going down that path. Because Nature is what fills-me-up, and if I don’t take time to pull-over, drink it in and share? I will be out of sorts by mid-week, and also, what a waste to not post about the start of Fall! Have you seen? The gorgeousness is all-around! I hope you can take a few moments to soak it in. If not outdoors, then here at the CE website. I won’t write much. I bet you “don’t have the time” to read. So let’s just take an eyeballs’ walk, if you will.

No words.
Blossom of a spider plant tucked into honey locust leaves

FUFpdate surprise – Tiger Swallowtail eclosed on September 30!! Remember those poopy baby pics and green-pallored teen days? What a beauty now. And what a speedy flier! I had barely unzipped the pupation tent and she darted out of there and up to the sky! That speck in the photo at right is at the apex of her first flight 🙂

I’m not done growing, nor is the Eastern Black Swallowtail pupa, and I hope you’re not, either. Keep growing, and cheers to a golden-orange-scarlet week that fills you.


  1. Thank you for taking the time to share these nature photos! It helps me have a better week:)

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