Bee cause…

Orange and yellow zinnias, deep purple-pink gomphrena, hot leaves of coleus all burst from a small jar on stone paver with green behind

Subscribers? You’re the sweetest. Happy Sweetest Day.

And… because we love the bee causes here in the CE community, be sure to check your local PBS listings for the debut of My Garden of a Thousand Bees. The images in the trailer assure me this will be an incredible hour learning about and being awestruck by bees. This Wednesday at 7:00p is showtime in my area. Feeling busy-as-a-bee lately, I cannot think of a better mid-week decompression activity, perhaps sipping a lavender-based cocktail as I watch.

To my honey: You support me as I buzz from flower to flower project to project throughout the seasons. Thanks for being my sweetest <3

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  1. What a beautiful floral arrangement! Love the bright colors. And thank you for sharing your sweetness with us. Love you

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