Growing Season 2022 Has Begun!

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Hi, friends. Happy New Year! Yeah, it is April now, well past the Gregorian and Lunar new years. But I haven’t seen you here since the 2021 Winter solstice. It’s been a while! And the growing season is already taking shape. <happy dance, happy dance>

I will need to catch-you-up on all the things happening here at FUF. The text version for now: Jan = seeds n plans, Feb sowing outside, Mar sowing inside. Which brings us to today, the approximately ‘six weeks to last frost’ date in my area.

Last night I got sucked into online videos about growing alllll kinds of things. One gave tips on growing sweetpeas. I’m thankful for that, as I almost forgot I wanted to sow some indoors this year.

As noted, I grew the King Navy in the 2020 season. It did not disappoint. This year, “America” is a variety I’m trying for the first time.

What I did: Mixed roughly equal parts seed starting mix and potting soil in a large, clean, plastic salad container. Added room temperature water and mixed by hand to uniformly wet the growing media. Not soggy, just “sticky-crumbly” like pie crust dough.

Some people start their sweetpeas in toilet paper tubes. Lacking those, I cut up a 4-foot thicker cardboard tube we had from ??? The tubes are 6-inches tall. I bound them with a rubber band and also a nylon tie to give them extra stability to stand upright in a 6-inch (diameter) clean pot. Then I filled them with the moistened growing media, pushing but not packing it in.

With the eraser end of a pencil, I made ~1-inch deep wells down the center of each filled tube. I dropped two seeds in each hole covered the seeds. Maybe it was not necessary, but I sprayed each top with several mists of water.

Then, into the keezer they went! A gardener + a homebrewer living together has to be one of the most perfect marriages ever. With the keezer empty of beer since December, I get to take it over and fill it with bags of birdseed and plants from January through April. By May, my stuff is out and partner can fill with the next lager or ale. Brilliant!

The sweetpeas seeds are now in total darkness, kept around 50-degrees F. They are very much not tomatoes! A future post will update you on germination news. And if you do not have a keezer? You could keep your sweetpeas in the fridge or a cool garage or in a box on a covered porch. Just make sure they stay dark and check that they have not dried out nor grown mold.

Why Grow Sweetpeas??

This is a King Navy bloom in 2020. Yes, THAT COLOR! Tell me your eyes are not smiling, and I will assume you are April fooling me.
Later in the season, a fading King Navy sweetpea bloom was visited by a Gray Hairstreak butterfly. Pollinators love sweetpeas… and so do many humans.

And so much more sweet stuff to come…

I am so eager and excited to grow with you all again this season! There will be news to share <excited+scared seat-wiggle> and lots of photos to brighten your days, plus the usual tips and ideas to booster your own connection with local ecology.

Growing season 2022? Let’s do this!

This cottontail looks quite disapproving, but has the honor of being the first
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  1. What a lovely post, disapproving bun noted. But big excitement over the sweet peas.

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