Winter-Spring 2023

Equinox coming soon. Let’s enjoy this hybrid season.

Snow has fallen 3 times in the past week here. The week before, we saw green grass. And a few days ago, I saw a neighbor snowblowing his driveway… wearing shorts.

I’ve been enjoying this ‘one garden boot in each’ straddling of the seasons. Several people in the past week have said, “I’m sick of the snow!” Me: Whaaaaa?? Snow is amazing! There’s the beauty of it blanketing everything in smooth stillness and fluffy clumps on branches. The protection it provides to perennial plants and the native bees still slumbering. The moisture it gives our thirsty soil during a slow melt. Sure, I eagerly await the smell of awakening sunshine in Spring and robins hopping about the yard. But I want Winter to have its full glory too.

Van Eyck Darwin Hybrid Tulips. The tiny white dots are snowflakes falling.

The photos in this post have been snapped in the past week-ish. Here’s my “duh!” confession: I LOVE tulips. They are my favorite flower. Yet until this year, I had never forced my own. Ridiculous, right? So last Fall, I bought several kinds to experiment with and learn from. I made some mistakes. Planted some in a pot that was too shallow, then when I saw them struggling, re-potted them, and they just withered further. No purples this season for me. Now I know better.

A few pots, I got right. And I have been all these o’s swoooooning. ?

Now I already have big dreams for Fall 2023 tulip forcing. Not sure it is realistic to have a pot in every room of the house, but the imagining makes me grin!

Here’s another pic during a recent snowfall. These beauties are not growing outside; just a short ‘on location’ photoshoot, then it was back inside to share their intoxicating, subtle scent and color on the dining table.

Meanwhile, deep in the snow, the Super Sow Sunday bottle greenhouses are staying cozy…

Who will germinate and when?? TBD!

Whether snow-covered landscapes or fresh-peeking buds are your thing, I hope you’ll have a moment to enjoy something beautiful this week of Winter-Spring. Here’s to snow and sunshine.


  1. Oh Amy, I love this. The tulips are beautiful. And your musings are even better.
    Thank you.

  2. I am right there with you about winter and glad I am not the only one. It’s a top 8 winter on record here in terms of snow and each time California gets hit, we get more snow. And thank you for sharing your tulip adventures! So fun!!

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