Let’s Talk About My Reach. Plus a contest!

I’ve taken advantage of recent warm-weather days to make a couple new raised beds. Best practice says a raised garden bed should be 4-foot width maximum. This accommodates arm reach of the average human without kneeling in nor stepping into the bed, and that’s important because we don’t want to compress the soil nor all the helpful microbes by throwing our weight upon them.

But that isn’t the type of reach I want to discuss in this post.

Crocus reaching toward the sun

“Reach” is all buzzy as a concept in social media. How many humans will see your message, tag it, spread it far and wide? To earn money in Socialmedialand you need long reach and near-constant new content.

My aim has not been to monetize this site nor your data. I don’t even use a subscription service to blast new posts. It’s just me doing all the stuff here the good ol’ 2010s way.

I enjoy writing and need to be creative with words and colors to be my authentic self. So imagine my immediate response two weeks ago when I received a message offering a service for AI-generated blog content for Create Ecology. If you guessed, Swipe left. Trash. you are correct.

Columbine after morning rain

I still have no desire to sell ad space here, outsource my email management, nor have a bot write the posts. Though I am curious what AI would come up with for my site. I imagine a combo of hilarity, wild inaccuracies, and clunky grammar.

Here’s the contest part!

I do desire knowing what YOU want to see here.

For every blog post you see from me, five other ideas never came into being. (Guess that means I’m always thinking ’bout ya!) I want this space to be as meaningful for as many of us as possible. I also want to respect your precious time and attention.

There are two questions below to guide your feedback. You can answer in as little as 1 minute, 2 minutes if you are a bit more reflective. Responses will help me prioritize my energy this growing season.

Remember last Fall I held a drawing for the last bouquet of the season? Local folks who reply to this lil’ survey will be in a drawing for the first bouquet of the season. You know who you are! Your local friends can reply, too. (Ach! That sounds like reaching, doesn’t it!?!)

You may reply in the Comments section or by email. I will track both spaces. Comments will remain unposted. The Spring bouquet recipient will be notified directly. Reply by this Friday, April 14 to be included in the drawing.

Amaranth seedlings all in a row with wild thyme on left

Q: Your three favorite types of blog posts?

  • Behind the scenes: Insecurities and successes of this growing adventure
  • Who lives there: Identifying non-plant species in the ecology
  • Eye candy: Images emphasizing color, shape, texture, beauty in all forms
  • Tips & tricks: Ideas for creating ecology at your place
  • Breadth for Earth: Information about ways to care for our shared planet
  • Something else: Include a topic you really enjoy or would like to see here

Q: Your *ideal* frequency to receive new content?

  • Once per week
  • Twice per month
  • Something else

Q: Where in the world are you?

  • This is optional, but if you’re new here, I’d love to know 🙂

Thank you for your feedback ?