It’s been August! And still is!

So much for posting the first day of each month this season.

I hope week one of August has been good to you. It’s busy times here, and daaaaaang, it’s BEAUTIFUL in this place…

Just today, this female Hackberry Emperor butterfly visited the patio. I learned today that adults will feed upon decaying fruit and decaying animal matter! If one lands upon you, it will likely probe your skin for salts. This one probably did not appreciate that I set her down – with good intentions and total ignorance – upon a nectary flower.

Tomatoes are coming in! This shiny red cherry is the very first to be picked… and eaten immediately after photoshoot. Equally bright are the “Fireball” strawflowers. And if those are not hot enough on your retinas, the zinnia, scabiosa, sunflower combo below is a color-feast.

At the risk of eliciting groans, here’s my floral interpretation of the good ol’ joke, What’s black and white and /red/ all over?

A newspaper… bouquet! Dahlias, scabiosa, Queen Anne’s Lace, chokeberries, wrapped in pages of the New York Times.

Lastly, my favorite photo of the season thus far. I have no idea what species the bee is. The bloom is a cornflower/Bachelor’s Button.

The way the petal looks like a paired wing = Grin!

I’ll close with that. Bee, happy.


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