Resting (a bit) on Labor Day

“Deconstructed bouquet” of sunflowers, China asters, and a cosmos

A year ago today, we were heading to friends’ bonfire. Two years ago today, we were heading to same friends’ bonfire. And today? It is so hot and so dry (again) (no, make that still) that a bonfire is not at all an option. So no s’mores tonight. Instead I made a quick batch of hot fudge this afternoon and enjoyed a sundae in the breeze of a fan while thinking that temps below 90 cannot come soon enough.

While I wither and complain in hot humidity, some things in the yard are absolutely loving it. The penultimate succession of sunflowers are bursting toward the sky at a rate my neighbor described as, “They’ve grown two feet since I just saw them the other day!” Most of the zinnias are looking fatigued yet still pushing out blooms. China asters and dahlias are cute and colorful… and thirsty.

Bridging Summer and Autumn 🙂
This one has such a sweet face, it deserves a portrait

It’s not everyday you wake up, step outside, and glimpse a couple engaging in sex in the backyard.

This morning, these grasshoppers welcomed the sunrise on one of my pepper plants.

I’ve noticed more grasshoppers this year. This mating does make me wonder (with a bit of worry) that I will be seeing even more in 2024. A few grasshoppers will damage a few leaves, but we’ve all heard the stories of “swarms of hungry locusts!” utterly defoliating crops. I’d like that to remain just something I’ve heard and not something I experience. ?

Chipmunks continue to help themselves to (at least) a tomato a day in the garden. Putting an organza bag over the slicers and San Marzanos when they are still on the vine and starting to blush is working well. The chipmunks haven’t messed with the covered tomatoes. Using a bag to collect the harvest is also handy.

Some of these will be sauced, and some became bruschetta topping that had me saying, “Mmmmmmmm. Nothing compares to a fresh, sun-warm, fully ripe tomato” more than once. For that, I can pause my grumbles about this recent occurrence of oppressive heat.

Time to get some post-sundae work done. Grow today, grow tomato. Hope you’ve enjoyed some un-laboring today!


  1. Sigh, such lovely flowers accompanied by lovely thoughts and words. September 1 gives me pause. Although the weather is still acting like hot summer. I just so enjoy these posts. Thank you so much for growing and nurturing and sharing.

  2. You are inspiring. And so creative. An artiste! I am so glad i opened this! You help me appreciate so many things about life.

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