It’s October!

Rabbit! Rabbit! A new month, and can you believe it??! We are mere weeks away from saying farewell to the warm-loving plants that have been with us since forming their first roots in March. ?

It means it is also time for the annual Create Ecology Vote-for-your-favorites Photo Contest!

Cottontail & Tomato Harvest

I’m not in the contest, but was executively chosen as the 2023 winner of Best Bun photo. And no, I did not eat any of those tomatoes!

Contest Rules:

  • Vote for your favorite in each category: Busy Bees and Stills. You define “favorite” any way you want.
  • You can post your two selections in the comments or by sending an email.
  • You may share this with other HuMaNs whether they are CE subscribers or not. AI robots are disqualified!
  • The “win” = a drawing will select one voter to receive a “Last Before the Frost” everything bouquet. This means you must be local to me or be able to gift it to someone local if you are selected. Mother Nature determines the timing, and the winner will be notified via email.

Busy Bees 2023

A: Yin Yang Bees on Cosmos flower (early morning shot)
B: Bachelorette Button (yep, this was also in the last post)
C: Incoming! (look for it)
D: Determination (this bee exemplified it)

Stills 2023

E: Just a Speck
F: Motion/less
G: Concord Grapes
H: Old, New, Green, & Blue

One last thing! Voting closes October 6, 2023 by midnight Central.

Thanks for growing this season with me.


  1. What cool photos and I love the bun one!
    My choices are C and H
    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing and for asking for my opinion.
    Love you dear.

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