That’s a Wrap

Here we are, the eve of October’s last day. The first hard frost finally happened early this morning, about two weeks later than usual.

I’m sharing some last photos of 2023’s beauty and color, with listens/reads peppered in. These are all things that have sparked joy and/or curiosity in me this past month.

Cultivating Place Podcast [transcript available too] Favorite message: Connection with seasons. I think that’s one of the greatest gifts anyone can give a child.

This bee joined at the end of the “exploding pumpkins” photoshoot. She circled that entire sunflower. Looking forward to meeting her offspring next year.

This late-season snapdragon’s shape caught my fancy. The annual Halloween post is the only time I mess with photo editing filters and hue adjustments. Hot red seemed the right bold vibe to match that funky stem.

Someone told me at the beginning of the season, Snapdragon seed heads look like skulls. Me: Really?? Of course I had to see for myself. (And now I cannot not see the faces! Plus an arm and a leg?!)

If creepy biologics are not your cup of tea, take a deep breath before trying this 11-minute listen or reading this transcript that is basically about dead spiders becoming mini-robots. Whoa.

NPR’s Short Wave

These two images are the winners of the photo contest! The image of the ‘determined bee’ gives me such a smile. Bee-ness. ?

As the days grow cold and the dark nights long, a book to keep gardening in our hearts until we are planting seeds again: Spring Rain by Marc Hamer (2023)

An edited excerpt: Anyone like me… who gets down on their knees, any earthy, grubbing labouring person with soil under their nails and dirty knees and peace deep in their mindwho knows that they are an offspring of the soil… they will see and feel and know. No one else can feel it; if your nails are clean you cannot know, and you may even mock the ones who do, those oddballs with their muddy feet.

And that’s a wrap on another year of creating, honoring, and sharing ecology. Thanks for spending time with me here. ? Keep growing.


  1. Thanks for sharing the beauty of the growing season in words and photos. Happy planning for spring!

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