Hello, 2024

Happy New Year!

This optimistic-looking snowman I made for a compostable tabletop arrangement last month is only two hazelnuts tall. There’s barely enough real snow outside these days to build an actual snowman that size. I am missing snow! I wish this month to bring a fluffy, sparkly, thick blanket covering the ground.

The fully-botanical tree of 2023 has been up for a month at the local, independent coffee shop. This project will be repurposed soon, becoming a few dried bouquets, a recycled fir wreath, and an urban wildlife hang-out at the back of the lot… you know, for when the birds need shelter from all the snow we’ll be getting. 😉

Non-sequitor and nothing to do with 2024, but have to share these adorable Neapolitans. Just like seeing seeds in a catalog marketing cute, new plants to grow, I see fun, yummy, new cookie recipes in the NYT holiday food section, and must try them. Even though they’re highly fussy. (Worth it!)

And on the topic of things I tried this season, I was sold on the idea of amaryllis on the mantle. I ordered three Naranja bulbs. Deep orange blooms. I’ve always been a fan of bending a shade or two away from Christmas-red and evergreen-green (teal + scarlet, kelly + magenta, anyone?) so I also played up the spring-green. Can’t say the resulting display is anything you’d see in a design magazine, but it does give me a happy and I’m impressed by those stems that just. keep. going.

I hope you are dreaming about growing things and enjoying fussy things that make you happy. See you next time, with boots on! 🙂


    1. Three doughs, made in order: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate. Chilling time. Rolling, cutting into strips, chilling, layering with egg white to ‘glue’ them together, chilling, slicing, baking. Eating! And gifting! Fussy yes, but also stress relieving if baking does that for you 🙂

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