I’m Amy and I love growing things. Both verb: growing the things, and adjective: things that are growing.  

Here’s what makes me, me and informs the kind of stuff I will be posting.

I have degrees in Conservation Biology, Zoology, and Anthrozoology. (Simply defined as the study of human and animal relationships. Endlessly fascinating!) I’m certified in some other stuff too. Time will tell if those things become relevant to this site. 

I believe native species – avian, mammal, amphibian, insect, plant, fungi – have a right to be here and we need them to be here. I am intentional about the non-natives I welcome to live with us; I do not shun them all on principle alone. 

Bush’s Poppy Mallow (Callirhoe bushii)
Bumblebee on Cosmos

I believe nutrients belong in their natural cycles, not in landfills. That’s why I trained to be a Master Composter.

Nature provides continual awe. I formed Create Ecology because Earth is too beautiful and too freaking amazing to sit idly by while more and more of it is poisoned and destroyed… 

…and that also includes us. Weed-killing chemicals and insecticides go into the air and ground and places beyond, like into our lungs and our drinking water. It’s a slow violence against ourselves and future generations. It’s not ok.

Indoors or outdoors, I’m always steeping something, be it a beverage, flower syrup, compost tea, or project ideas. You’ll get to read more about some of these each time you come back. I hope you will.