A Valentine for Houseplants

Days are getting longer. Let’s get ready to GROW! Got my hands in some dirt the other day, and it was great! It’s the first of the three ‘holiday’ weeks to get the sowing season started here in zone 5b: Valentine’s Day for outdoor, chill-required seeds; St. Patrick’s Day for indoor warm-loving small seeds; and… Continue reading A Valentine for Houseplants

Hello, 2024

Happy New Year! This optimistic-looking snowman I made for a compostable tabletop arrangement last month is only two hazelnuts tall. There’s barely enough real snow outside these days to build an actual snowman that size. I am missing snow! I wish this month to bring a fluffy, sparkly, thick blanket covering the ground. The fully-botanical… Continue reading Hello, 2024

That’s a Wrap

Here we are, the eve of October’s last day. The first hard frost finally happened early this morning, about two weeks later than usual. I’m sharing some last photos of 2023’s beauty and color, with listens/reads peppered in. These are all things that have sparked joy and/or curiosity in me this past month. Cultivating Place… Continue reading That’s a Wrap

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It’s October!

Rabbit! Rabbit! A new month, and can you believe it??! We are mere weeks away from saying farewell to the warm-loving plants that have been with us since forming their first roots in March. ? It means it is also time for the annual Create Ecology Vote-for-your-favorites Photo Contest! I’m not in the contest, but… Continue reading It’s October!

July is Popping!

July is here. And what a show already! A friend and reader of this blog asked me a couple weeks ago: What is your favorite flower? For years the answer has been, Tulips! It’s still true, and yet… Poppies. I declare them my favorite flower for 2023. There’s just something so impressive that from a… Continue reading July is Popping!

Tea Time and Solstice Science (sorta)

Happy Summer Solstice! I love science! I love steeping things! Today’s post includes both. That is a pile of weeds. Typically when I harvest big weeds, I add them to the compost pile. They add nitrogen and micronutrients to the mix. This month, I attempted my first steeping of weed tea. Simply, I gathered a… Continue reading Tea Time and Solstice Science (sorta)

It’s June!

It rained today. !!! It’s been three weeks without. It’s been hot. Remember the ranunculus I had neglected to cover sufficiently in the March cold and feared all was lost? Most survived. They’ve been making buds. Things were looking hopeful! Until this week when a temperature spike left all plants so, so thirsty.  It’s been… Continue reading It’s June!

It’s May!

Thank you to the readers who sent feedback about what they’d like to see on the blog this season! “Eye candy” got the most votes, so here’s some ?Spring color: Siberian Squill; Narcissus “Rip van Winkle”; Muscari (grape hyacinth). Sorry for the blurry resolution. April brought a roller coaster of temperatures and all the types… Continue reading It’s May!

Freezing, Failing, and Figuring It Out (hopefully)

I’ve been feeling imposter syndrome as a flower farmer. Maybe you feel it as a gardener or a composter. Or even as just a person trying to do something right for the Earth or for your very self.  We cannot be magically perfect when we try things for the first time. Mistakes must happen because… Continue reading Freezing, Failing, and Figuring It Out (hopefully)