Mon. with a Bun

Lil’ Bit Snoozy This young cottontail relaxed in our backyard on a recent afternoon. As I worked outside, I peeked time to time at the little cutie. Eventually, head hit the pillow 😊 The image in-between features Bunnytail Grass (Lagurus ovatus) on a throw given to me by a friend.

Mon. with Buns on August 1.

Rabbit, Rabbit!* *If you are unfamiliar with the practice of saying this phrase at the beginning of a new month, you can read more at this external link.

Plastic-Free July

“But isn’t July almost a memory?” Well, yes. It’s almost the end of the month, and I’m sure your July has not been plastic-free. And actually, even if I had posted about this initiative three weeks ago, your month would not have been without plastic. Because plastic is everywhere. Actually everywhere. It has no final… Continue reading Plastic-Free July

Who’s Bugging You?

I have my dad to thank for my keen awareness of and appreciation for insects. This is not to say I like them all, but I do respect the fascinating and diverse ways they do things like obtain food, avoid predation, and communicate amongst themselves and to other species. Lately, I keep wondering, Where is… Continue reading Who’s Bugging You?

CE News!

Hello, Readers, Supporters, Friends ~   I’ve been intending to write this post for a while, with a smidge of hesitation to get started. This is the ‘scary exciting’ news I hinted at early in the season. Scary because the risk of failure is so real. Exciting because it involves learning, creating, and sharing, and… Continue reading CE News!

Mon. with a Bun

*When people know you love rabbits, they will give them to you whenever and wherever they find them. This one is from my dad, provenance unknown.

July FUFpdate!

Here’s the scoop on happenings at Fuzzybuns Urban Farm as we head into a new month of growing. There’s beauty, there’s death, there’s tiny, there’s tall. And there’s evil. Japanese Beetles have arrived this week. I know it’s not their fault they live here, but I do resent them anyway. They’ve alighted on my grape… Continue reading July FUFpdate!