Just One Thing.

Firstly, I am glad you are here. You’re curious. You care. Something brought you to this page.  I’ve been saying that YOU can create ecology. The concept: bring about relationships between organisms and their environment by course of action or behavior. Specifically, we will be talking about human action/your behavior. The first thing to do… Continue reading Just One Thing.

All. The. Things. (not!)

The 2021 growing season is here! And YOU can create ecology. You might know someone who is really, really into gardening. Maybe that someone is you. Or maybe you have heard or read about all the maintenance tasks to have a really beautiful garden-yard-landscape.  Watering. Weeding. Monitoring for diseases. Watching for signs of plant nutritional… Continue reading All. The. Things. (not!)

Red, Part II

So very ready/red-y for hummingbirds. “I hate red,” is something I actually used to say. Didn’t like red clothes, didn’t (still don’t) like red cars, always preferred greens and silver for Christmas decor. And I avoided growing red flowers.  Magenta? Sure! Those lovely, jammy shades between red and purple are some of my favorites (celosia,… Continue reading Red, Part II

Red, Part I

Hello, everybody.  My intention was to post the first “Color” of the CE blog last Sunday evening. The plan was “Red.” And it seems red was, most indeed, on the Universe’s agenda for me. Also pink. Lots of pink. The itch began just around Sunday dinnertime on my forearms. Mildly annoying at first. Petals of… Continue reading Red, Part I


Hey there.  I write this post as my neighbor’s gasoline-run push-mower-with-the-squeaky-wheel permeates the soundscape. Notice he is not driving a tractor in this story, even though I’m about to tell you about my farm. And now I already feel like a liar, so I have some explaining to do. Every garden blogger who is Someone… Continue reading FUF

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Creating Ecology

Seven years ago, we bought a house in Midwestern zone 5a. Two large Norway maples, one overgrown lilac, an arbor vitae and two yews were rooted in the landscape as we first saw it that Winter. In Spring, a few crocuses bloomed briefly against the garage, monochrome green hostas appeared in three places, and a… Continue reading Creating Ecology