July FUFpdate!

Here’s the scoop on happenings at Fuzzybuns Urban Farm as we head into a new month of growing. There’s beauty, there’s death, there’s tiny, there’s tall. And there’s evil. Japanese Beetles have arrived this week. I know it’s not their fault they live here, but I do resent them anyway. They’ve alighted on my grape… Continue reading July FUFpdate!


It’s All Hallows Eve and today’s post has a little something for everyone. Photos taken in the 2021 growing season. Happy weekend! For those who like their Halloween filled with orange, black, and green… For those who like their Halloween filled with creatures to spook strange dreams… And for those who don’t care for candies… Continue reading Hallowe’en

I’m in Love!

Hi. I am in love. Love! Smitten, in fact.  Like falling for a romantic interest, I want to spend all my free time with this being to the point that I forget to eat and just endlessly gaze at them dreamily and happily sigh.  Yes, I am talking about the yard and gardens this year.… Continue reading I’m in Love!

Red, White, and Bugs

July! While the light might be the most golden-gorgeous next month, this month tickles our retinas with SO MUCH COLOR. Blooming flowers are just one aspect of the ecology at our place. Insects provide little flashes from the rainbow spectrum as they play their parts in this web where we live. My phone’s camera has… Continue reading Red, White, and Bugs

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Red, Part II

So very ready/red-y for hummingbirds. “I hate red,” is something I actually used to say. Didn’t like red clothes, didn’t (still don’t) like red cars, always preferred greens and silver for Christmas decor. And I avoided growing red flowers.  Magenta? Sure! Those lovely, jammy shades between red and purple are some of my favorites (celosia,… Continue reading Red, Part II

Red, Part I

Hello, everybody.  My intention was to post the first “Color” of the CE blog last Sunday evening. The plan was “Red.” And it seems red was, most indeed, on the Universe’s agenda for me. Also pink. Lots of pink. The itch began just around Sunday dinnertime on my forearms. Mildly annoying at first. Petals of… Continue reading Red, Part I