Hello, 2024

Happy New Year! This optimistic-looking snowman I made for a compostable tabletop arrangement last month is only two hazelnuts tall. There’s barely enough real snow outside these days to build an actual snowman that size. I am missing snow! I wish this month to bring a fluffy, sparkly, thick blanket covering the ground. The fully-botanical… Continue reading Hello, 2024

July is Popping!

July is here. And what a show already! A friend and reader of this blog asked me a couple weeks ago: What is your favorite flower? For years the answer has been, Tulips! It’s still true, and yet… Poppies. I declare them my favorite flower for 2023. There’s just something so impressive that from a… Continue reading July is Popping!

Winter-Spring 2023

Equinox coming soon. Let’s enjoy this hybrid season. Snow has fallen 3 times in the past week here. The week before, we saw green grass. And a few days ago, I saw a neighbor snowblowing his driveway… wearing shorts. I’ve been enjoying this ‘one garden boot in each’ straddling of the seasons. Several people in… Continue reading Winter-Spring 2023

July FUFpdate!

Here’s the scoop on happenings at Fuzzybuns Urban Farm as we head into a new month of growing. There’s beauty, there’s death, there’s tiny, there’s tall. And there’s evil. Japanese Beetles have arrived this week. I know it’s not their fault they live here, but I do resent them anyway. They’ve alighted on my grape… Continue reading July FUFpdate!


It’s All Hallows Eve and today’s post has a little something for everyone. Photos taken in the 2021 growing season. Happy weekend! For those who like their Halloween filled with orange, black, and green… For those who like their Halloween filled with creatures to spook strange dreams… And for those who don’t care for candies… Continue reading Hallowe’en