Oh, No! Ohhhh…Cool!

It’s been raining lately. People often say when the sun is shining, “Isn’t it a beautiful day?!” It probably is. And it’s also often a beautiful day when it’s raining. Because rain isn’t a “problem.” Rain tonight means I am typing this instead of picking tomatoes. Both are great and give me a happy. The… Continue reading Oh, No! Ohhhh…Cool!

Bee Aware

Stand for It About a year ago, the doorbell rang. The bell ringer was a college student working his summer job: door-to-door representative and salesman for a pest control company. I entertained his pitch about ant, wasp, and other insect mitigation. “Eco-friendly,” he said, “all natural.” He obviously had been coached and knew the official… Continue reading Bee Aware

Pollinators Week: Word Association

I say, “Pollinators.”  Chances are, you respond, “Bees!” Maybe you also thought of hummingbirds, a charismatic megafauna of pollinator species, frequently depicted on logos and awareness signage. Bees and birds are but a few of a multitude of animals doing the work of pollination that results in food on our plates, flowers in our vases,… Continue reading Pollinators Week: Word Association

Just One Thing.

Firstly, I am glad you are here. You’re curious. You care. Something brought you to this page.  I’ve been saying that YOU can create ecology. The concept: bring about relationships between organisms and their environment by course of action or behavior. Specifically, we will be talking about human action/your behavior. The first thing to do… Continue reading Just One Thing.