Tea Time and Solstice Science (sorta)

Happy Summer Solstice! I love science! I love steeping things! Today’s post includes both. That is a pile of weeds. Typically when I harvest big weeds, I add them to the compost pile. They add nitrogen and micronutrients to the mix. This month, I attempted my first steeping of weed tea. Simply, I gathered a… Continue reading Tea Time and Solstice Science (sorta)

Get Going on Growing

There’s a fresh blanket of snow outside, and I couldn’t be more thrilled because it is great for us to start the 2023 growing season! Coming soon on the calendar, folks, is a football-influenced, American non-holiday that gardeners and growers in U.S. zones 6 and lower (and by “lower” I mean geographically “norther”) are preparing… Continue reading Get Going on Growing

Plastic-Free July

“But isn’t July almost a memory?” Well, yes. It’s almost the end of the month, and I’m sure your July has not been plastic-free. And actually, even if I had posted about this initiative three weeks ago, your month would not have been without plastic. Because plastic is everywhere. Actually everywhere. It has no final… Continue reading Plastic-Free July

CE News!

Hello, Readers, Supporters, Friends ~   I’ve been intending to write this post for a while, with a smidge of hesitation to get started. This is the ‘scary exciting’ news I hinted at early in the season. Scary because the risk of failure is so real. Exciting because it involves learning, creating, and sharing, and… Continue reading CE News!

A Special Day

Hope you’ll celebrate these three events today, in whatever big or small ways you have capacity to do. Pollinator Week As I began Create Ecology and this blog, I emphasized that there is value in doing even one basic thing that will support the ecosystem where you live. Several years ago, I was visiting a… Continue reading A Special Day

Oh, No! Ohhhh…Cool!

It’s been raining lately. People often say when the sun is shining, “Isn’t it a beautiful day?!” It probably is. And it’s also often a beautiful day when it’s raining. Because rain isn’t a “problem.” Rain tonight means I am typing this instead of picking tomatoes. Both are great and give me a happy. The… Continue reading Oh, No! Ohhhh…Cool!

Bee Aware

Stand for It About a year ago, the doorbell rang. The bell ringer was a college student working his summer job: door-to-door representative and salesman for a pest control company. I entertained his pitch about ant, wasp, and other insect mitigation. “Eco-friendly,” he said, “all natural.” He obviously had been coached and knew the official… Continue reading Bee Aware