Year of the Rabbit!πŸ‡Year of the Rabbit!

Lunar New Year is observed today, 22 January 2023, beginning a Year of the Rabbit! This only happens every 12 years according to the Chinese zodiac, so this year is pretty darn special. (Newbies to this blog, take a look at these posts and this post to see how much rabbits are honored and adored… Continue reading Year of the Rabbit!πŸ‡Year of the Rabbit!

Winter Begins

Wishing all of you – my readers, friends, and ecologists – a peaceful, thoughtful ‘darkest day’ of the year. Delight in the Winter beauty! ❄️ Natural materials frosty-buns outdoor ornaments.❄️ 🌲 All botanicals indoor tree. 🌲

Mon. with a Bun

Day of the Dead Calendula; Coleus; Rudbeckia; Cilantro, Bunnytail Grass; Spider Plants (had to!); Eastern Cottontail Skull* *One day this Summer, I discovered a young, whole, deceased rabbit at the edge of our shed. It looked perfect, other than having lost its life. I carefully tucked the limp body under a hedge, blanketed it with… Continue reading Mon. with a Bun

2022 Winners

The votes have been tallied and here are the winning photos! Salmon Ranunculus on the left; “candy stripe” Cosmos with a bumblebee on the right. The competition was close, but no votes for the nymph squash bugs. (I don’t want them on my pumpkin vines, but they are kinda cute so small like that, no??… Continue reading 2022 Winners

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(Not your typical) Photo Contest!

What’s not typical about it? You, my dear readers, are not submitting photos. Rather, you are voting for your favorites of my favorite 2022 growing season photos. Why? Because Nature is gorgeous. Because Nature is calming. Because these 12 curated photos are glimpses at ecology as manifested in shapes, colors, textures, and ways of being.… Continue reading (Not your typical) Photo Contest!

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Who’s Bugging You?

I have my dad to thank for my keen awareness of and appreciation for insects. This is not to say I like them all, but I do respect the fascinating and diverse ways they do things like obtain food, avoid predation, and communicate amongst themselves and to other species. Lately, I keep wondering, Where is… Continue reading Who’s Bugging You?

July FUFpdate!

Here’s the scoop on happenings at Fuzzybuns Urban Farm as we head into a new month of growing. There’s beauty, there’s death, there’s tiny, there’s tall. And there’s evil. Japanese Beetles have arrived this week. I know it’s not their fault they live here, but I do resent them anyway. They’ve alighted on my grape… Continue reading July FUFpdate!

Aunt, Ant, Bee

We are less than two weeks away from the Summer Solstice, but it is sure starting to feel and look summery! This morning, I glanced outside and audibly gasped. The first perennial poppy had opened!!! Not only the first on the plant, but β€˜my’ first. I have admired poppies for a long, long time. I… Continue reading Aunt, Ant, Bee