Year of the Rabbit!?Year of the Rabbit!

Lunar New Year is observed today, 22 January 2023, beginning a Year of the Rabbit! This only happens every 12 years according to the Chinese zodiac, so this year is pretty darn special. (Newbies to this blog, take a look at these posts and this post to see how much rabbits are honored and adored… Continue reading Year of the Rabbit!?Year of the Rabbit!

Mon. with a Bun

Day of the Dead Calendula; Coleus; Rudbeckia; Cilantro, Bunnytail Grass; Spider Plants (had to!); Eastern Cottontail Skull* *One day this Summer, I discovered a young, whole, deceased rabbit at the edge of our shed. It looked perfect, other than having lost its life. I carefully tucked the limp body under a hedge, blanketed it with… Continue reading Mon. with a Bun

Mon. with a Bun

Pouf! The 2022 loofah-growing photo essay will be coming soon! Or late. But coming eventually 🙂

Mon. with a Bun

Lil’ Bit Snoozy This young cottontail relaxed in our backyard on a recent afternoon. As I worked outside, I peeked time to time at the little cutie. Eventually, head hit the pillow ? The image in-between features Bunnytail Grass (Lagurus ovatus) on a throw given to me by a friend.

Mon. with Buns on August 1.

Rabbit, Rabbit!* *If you are unfamiliar with the practice of saying this phrase at the beginning of a new month, you can read more at this external link.