• Community education presentations
    • Composting 101
    • Gardening for Butterflies
    • Gardening with Rabbits
    • Recycling Facts vs. Myths
  • Garden design and yard consultations
  • Slow-flowers (jump to Bouquets page)

How to know if CE is the right provider for you? See which column below resonates.

MonocultureDiversity of species for a healthy, functioning ecology
Quick fixesSlowing down, embracing mindfulness
Noxious chemicalsCreativity
Repeat applications of harmful spraysUnderstanding the science of the ‘problem’ first
No relationship with the landRecognizing that “the environment” is not some place separate from us
Zero discrimination between beneficial species and othersAppreciation of unique colors, sounds, scents, textures, functions, roles in the system
Humans controlling all other speciesAccepting that your place is their place, too
Motivated by moneyMotivated by right-doing for the Earth that sustains us

If the righthand column seems right with your values, then please be in touch via the Contact form.