Aunt, Ant, Bee

We are less than two weeks away from the Summer Solstice, but it is sure starting to feel and look summery! This morning, I glanced outside and audibly gasped. The first perennial poppy had opened!!! Not only the first on the plant, but ‘my’ first. I have admired poppies for a long, long time. I… Continue reading Aunt, Ant, Bee

Bee cause…

Subscribers? You’re the sweetest. Happy Sweetest Day. And… because we love the bee causes here in the CE community, be sure to check your local PBS listings for the debut of My Garden of a Thousand Bees. The images in the trailer assure me this will be an incredible hour learning about and being awestruck… Continue reading Bee cause…

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Oh, No! Ohhhh…Cool!

It’s been raining lately. People often say when the sun is shining, “Isn’t it a beautiful day?!” It probably is. And it’s also often a beautiful day when it’s raining. Because rain isn’t a “problem.” Rain tonight means I am typing this instead of picking tomatoes. Both are great and give me a happy. The… Continue reading Oh, No! Ohhhh…Cool!


I’ve been releasing posts during typical daylight hours, but the bees recently gave me an idea.  The past several evenings, they’ve been tucking into cosmos flowers and resting under grape leaves and mint leaves. A friend of a friend calls bumble bees “flying Teddy bears.” I find them absolutely adorable when the flying is done… Continue reading Zzzzzzz

I’m in Love!

Hi. I am in love. Love! Smitten, in fact.  Like falling for a romantic interest, I want to spend all my free time with this being to the point that I forget to eat and just endlessly gaze at them dreamily and happily sigh.  Yes, I am talking about the yard and gardens this year.… Continue reading I’m in Love!

Bee Aware

Stand for It About a year ago, the doorbell rang. The bell ringer was a college student working his summer job: door-to-door representative and salesman for a pest control company. I entertained his pitch about ant, wasp, and other insect mitigation. “Eco-friendly,” he said, “all natural.” He obviously had been coached and knew the official… Continue reading Bee Aware

Pollinators Week: Word Association

I say, “Pollinators.”  Chances are, you respond, “Bees!” Maybe you also thought of hummingbirds, a charismatic megafauna of pollinator species, frequently depicted on logos and awareness signage. Bees and birds are but a few of a multitude of animals doing the work of pollination that results in food on our plates, flowers in our vases,… Continue reading Pollinators Week: Word Association