Milk Bottle Monday

“Pyoop” ‘n’ “Poop” The next post this week will highlight some really cool fliers. Come back to check it out! [Scientific note on today’s post: Both swallowtail cat’s have been in one pupation tent. Cherry leaves are a food source for Tiger Swallowtails; the Eastern Black had been feasting on Queen Anne’s Lace. When it… Continue reading Milk Bottle Monday

Oh, No! Ohhhh…Cool!

It’s been raining lately. People often say when the sun is shining, “Isn’t it a beautiful day?!” It probably is. And it’s also often a beautiful day when it’s raining. Because rain isn’t a “problem.” Rain tonight means I am typing this instead of picking tomatoes. Both are great and give me a happy. The… Continue reading Oh, No! Ohhhh…Cool!